Take the Guesswork Out of Healthy Snacking!
Easy Snack Ideas & Clean Recipes!
101 Healthy Snacks by @MeowMeix
101 Healthy Snacks by Amanda

Because you deserve extra time for you! I took all the guesswork out of healthy snacking so you could save time in the kitchen & grocery store!

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What to expect from my 101 Healthy Snacks Ebook:

    - 33 pages of easy to read creative snacks
    - Macros and calories for each snack
    - Full of mostly easy, no-bake snacks
    -12 high protein snacks
    - 5 protein shake recipes
    - 11 classic combos that won't let you down
    - 12 unique toast combos
    - 12 drool worthy rice cake combos
    - Paleo dessert recipe
    - Healthy pizza inspired snack ideas
    - Pumpkin recipes
    - Paleo Brownies
    - Travel snack ideas
    - Gluten-free, Paleo, Vegetarian & Vegan snack options
    - Made with love by yours truly xoxo 
About Amanda:
I am Amanda. I am just like you. I spent my younger years in life confused about health, nutrition, and fitness.

I developed an eating disorder in high school, and after a full recovery, I soon realized that being healthy was not about starving myself. Being healthy was about fueling my body with the right foods.

From that point onward, I started educating myself on all things nutrition & health and started sharing that journey with you! Because why would I keep that information to myself when I keep you from making the same mistakes I did and so much more?!

What people are saying about my eBook...

"Ur book literally saved my life...in 3 months I lost 10kg!"
"I absolutely love your snack e-book! It has changed my healthy eating game drastically!!"
"It is exactly what I was looking for... having the calories written for each snack is amazing!"
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